Your Health Coach Team

Mission Health Care Network Health Coaches help members manage their health concerns by setting short-term, realistic goals for healthful eating and exercise. They also provide education and support for chronic health conditions. 

Sandy Loveless Sandy Loveless, RN, BSN 
Ambulatory Care Manager and Health Coach 

Valerie Baker
Care Management Associate
Mary Ann Biddle, RN
Health Coach 
Tyra Carlton, RN
Health Coach 

Lisa Coleman
Care Management Associate 
Karen Crowder Karen Crowder, RN BSN
Population Health Coach, Outpatient Care 
Karen Crowder Tabatha Denton, LPN
Care Management Associate TOC nurse 

Nicole Durrant, MSW
  Robin George, RN, BSN
Health Coach 

Lyn Keaney
Health Coach 

Colette Kennedy
Care Management Associate 
Deborah Lagoo
Deborah Lagoo, RN 
CDE Health Coach 

David Mann, MSW

Lovisa Massey
Care Management Associate 

Cheryl Merritt
Cheryl Merritt, RN
Health Coach 

Donald Ristine
Karen Sanfratello

Treva Sands, LMSW

Teasa J. Silvey, RN 
Health Coach 

Kathy Vipond, LPN 
Care Management Associates

Stephanie Wilbourn
Stephanie Wilbourn
Care Management Associate 
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