Medicare Shared Savings

ACO Name and Location

Mission Health Care Network, LLC
2525 deSales Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37404

ACO Primary Contact

Tod Erickson
VP, Clinical Integration

Types of ACO participants, or combinations of participants, that formed the ACO

No participants are involved in a joint venture between ACO professionals and hospitals. 

ACO professionals in a group practice arrangement, Network of individual practices of ACO professionals. 

ACO Governing Body

William M. Young, M.D., Voting Member and Chair, Chattanooga Urology Associates, P.C.
Cheri Ballard, Nonvoting Member, Memorial Health Care System, Inc., Compliance Officer
Leo Brown, Voting Member, Medicare Beneficiary Representative
LIsa Carkner, M.D., Voting Member, Memorial Heart Institute, Memorial Health Care System, Inc.
Collin Cherry, M.D., Voting Member, Beacon Health Alliance, P.C.
Todd Cockerham, M.D., Voting Member, University Surgical Associates, P.C.
Davey B. Daniel, M.D., Voting Member, Memorial Health Care System, Inc.
Tod Erickson, Nonvoting Member, Memorial Health Care System, Inc., VP, Clinical Integration
Anthony Friddell, M.D., Voting Member, Memorial Health Physician Foundation, Pediatric Diagnostic Associates
Jack E. Greer, M.D., Voting Member, Chattanooga Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.C.
Troy Hammett, Voting Member, Memorial Health Care System, Inc., Senior VP and CFO
Paul A. Kaplan, DO, Voting Member, Diagnostic Pathology Services, P.C.
Helen Kuroki, M.D., Nonvoting Member, Memorial Health Care System, Inc., Medical Director, CMO
Andrew McGill, Voting Member and Secretary/Treasurer, Memorial Health Care System, Inc., Vice President, Business Development
Walter D. Parkhurst, M.D., Voting Member, Galen Medical Group
Nilesh Patel, M.D., Voting Member, Chattanooga Kidney Center, LLC
Brett Sanders, M.D., Voting Member, Chattanooga Orthopaedic Group, PC
Larry Schumacher, Nonvoting Member, Memorial Health Care System, Inc., CEO

Key Clinical and Administrative Leadership Personnel 

  • ACO Executive: Tod Erickson 
  • Medical Director: Helen Kuroki, M.D. 
  • Chief Official: Cheri Ballard
ACO Committees and Committee Leadership
  • Executive Committee: William M. Young, M.D., Chair 
  • Finance Committee: Andrew McGill, Chair 
  • Quality Committee: Arlene Donowitz, M.D., Chair 
  • Network Development Committee: William M. Young, M.D. & Anthony Friddell, M.D., Co-Chairs 
  • Information Technology Committee: Paul Kaplan, D.O., Chair
ACO Participants 

Abdulhafiz M. Eletr, M.D. (Chatt Neuro) 
Adele B. Ackell, M.D. (Chatt Neuro)
Advanced Foot Care 
Allergy Care of Chattanooga 
Associates in ENT, LLC 
Associates in General Surgery, LLC 
Beacon Health Alliance, P.C. 
Bowers Family Medicine 
Caroline Elias, M.D., P.C. 
Chattanooga Allergy Clinic, PLLC 
Chattanooga Emergency Medicine, PLLC 
Chattanooga ENT Associates, P.C. 
Chattanooga Family Practice Associates, PC
Chattanooga Foot Specialists, PLLC 
Chattanooga Gyn-Oncology 
Chattanooga Kidney Center, LLC 
Chattanooga Orthopaedic Group, PC 
Chattanooga Skin and Cancer Clinic 
Chattanooga Surgical Oncology, PLLC 
Chattanooga Urology Associates, P.C. 
Chattanooga's Program in Women's Oncology 
David N. Collins, M.D. 
Diagnostic Imaging Consultants, Inc. 
Diagnostic Pathology Services, P.C. 
Digestive Disease Consultants, P.C. 
Farber, Sharon N, MD (Chatt Neuro) 
Galen Medical Group 
Hixson Urology 
Indravadan Shaw MD 
Infections Disease Physicians of Chattanooga, PLLC 
John L. Gwin, Jr., M.D. 
Kadrie, Hytham A, MD (Chatt Neuro) 
Kirk Brody, M.D. 
Matthew Kodsi, M.D. (Chatt Neuro) 
MHP Foundation 
Mid-South Surgical Associates, PLLC 
Nathan Wyatt, M.D. (Chatt Neuro) 
Northgate Neurology, PLLC 
OB-GYN Centre of Excellence 
Obstetrics and Gynecology of Hixson, PC 
Physicians Care, P.C. 
Plaza Urology Group, P.C. 
Premier Healthcare 
Ravi Chander, M.D. (Chatt Neuro) 
Regional Obstetrical Consultants, P.C. 
Renaissance Health & Surgical Associates 
Robert M. Barnett, M.D. 
Roger L. Land, M.D. 
Surgical Specialists, P.C. 
Phillip Gabe Tallent, MD (Chatt Neuro) 
Tareck A. Kadrie, M.D. (Chatt Neuro)
The Plastic Surgery Group, P.C. 
Thomas W. Brown, III, M.D. 
University Diabetes & Endocrine Consultants 
University Surgical Associates, P.C. 
Vein Therapies of Chattanooga, PLLC 
Vincent A. Viscomi, M.D., P.C. 
Women's Surgery Center

Amount of Shared Savings/Losses

  • Performance Year 1: not in operations
  • Performance Year 2014: not in operations
  • Performance Year 2015: none

How Shared Savings Are Distributed

  • Reinvest in infrastructure: 20%
  • Distribution to ACO participants: 80%
    • Primary Care Professionals: 50%
    • Specialists: 40%
    • Hospital: 10% 

Quality Performance Results

  • Performance Year 2015: 

    2015reporting period
Measure number MeasureName ACO                          performance rate Meanperformance rate (SSP- ACOs)
ACO-1 CAHPS:Getting Timely Care, Appointments, and Information 73.60 80.61
ACO-2 CAHPS:How Well Your Providers Communicate 92.69 92.65
ACO-3 CAHPS:Patients’ Rating of Provider 93.23 91.94
ACO-4 CAHPS:Access to Specialists 82.78 83.61
ACO-5 CAHPS:Health Promotion and Education 57.63 59.06
ACO-6 CAHPS:Shared Decision Making 75.66 75.17
ACO-7 CAHPS:Health Status/Functional Status 69.64 72.30
ACO-34 CAHPS:Stewardship of Patient Resources* 33.33 26.87
ACO-8 RiskStandardized, All Condition Readmission 13.82 14.86
ACO-35 SkilledNursing Facility 30-Day All-Cause Readmission Measure (SNFRM)* Readmission 17.68 18.07
ACO-36 All-CauseUnplanned Admissions for Patients with Diabetes* 46.44 54.60
ACO-37 All-CauseUnplanned Admissions for Patients with Heart Failure* 64.62 76.96
ACO-38 All-CauseUnplanned Admissions for Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions 52.40 62.92
ACO-9 AmbulatorySensitive Condition Admissions: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease orAsthma in Older Adults (AHRQ Prevention Quality Indicator (PQI) #5) 0.90 1.11
ACO-10 AmbulatorySensitive Conditions Admissions: Heart Failure (AHRQ Prevention QualityIndicator (PQI) #8) 0.91 1.04
ACO-11 Percentof Primary Care Physicians who Successfully Meet Meaningful Use Requirements 46.51 80.14
ACO-39 Documentationof Current Medications in the Medical Record* 90.57 84.07
ACO-13 Falls:Screening for Future Fall Risk 59.18 56.46
ACO-14 PreventiveCare and Screening: Influenza Immunization 60.31 62.03
ACO-15 PneumoniaVaccination Status for Older Adults 56.59 63.73
ACO-16 PreventiveCare and Screening: Body Mass Index (BMI) Screening and Follow-up 75.84 71.15
ACO-17 PreventiveCare and Screening: Tobacco Use: Screening Intervention 93.84 90.16
ACO-18 PreventiveCare and Screening: Screening for Clinical Depression Plan 33.23 45.25
ACO-19 ColorectalCancer Screening 62.28 60.06
ACO-20 BreastCancer Screening 61.60 65.67
ACO-21 PreventiveCare and Screening: Screening for High Blood Pressure and Follow-UpDocumented 82.21 70.04
ACO-40 DepressionRemission at Twelve Months* N/A N/A
ACO-27 DiabetesMellitus: Hemoglobin A1c Poor Control 15.91 20.38
ACO-41 Diabetes:Eye Exam* 41.29 41.05
ACO-28 Hypertension:Controlling High Blood Pressure 70.34 69.62
ACO-30 IschemicVascular Disease: Use of Aspirin or Another Antithrombotic 90.51 83.82
ACO-31 H HeartFailure: Beta-Blocker Therapy for Left Ventricular Systolic (LVSD)Dysfunction 98.76 87.22
ACO-33 Angiotensin-ConvertingEnzyme (ACE) Inhibitor or Angiotensin Receptor Therapy - for patients withCAD and Diabetes or Left Ventricular Systolic (LVEF<40%) 91.06 77.73
CAHPS = Consumer Assessment of HealthcareProviders and Systems, PQI = Prevention Quality Indicator, LVSD dysfunction,ACE = angiotensin-converting enzyme, ARB = angiotensin receptor blocker, CAD= coronary artery     
*= Measure required beginning Reporting Year 2015.
N/A= Reporting on the depression remission measure is not required for2015, as indicated by N/A

  • Performance Year 2014:

For general questions or additional information about Accountable Care Organizations, please visit or call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) TTY users should call 1-877-486-2048.

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