Mission Health Care Network

Mission Health Care Network is a physician driven initiative to improve the health of patients through a clinically integrated network that delivers high quality healthcare and achieves cost savings through the use of evidence-based guidelines and care coordination.  Mission HCN is governed by community physician leaders, and is physician led.

Guiding Principles for Mission Health Care Network

  • Physicians have a strong role in leadership and governance of the network.
  • Transparency in reporting
  • Providers and their care teams will strive to improve the overall health of their patient population 
  • Mission HCN has the size and scale to effectively manage risk and be attractive to payers and employers.
  • Mission HCN is flexible in the ways that physicians can participate either through hospital employment or through private, solo or group practice.
  • Mission HCN is open to clinically integrated partnerships with other hospitals and provider networks in the region.
  • Mission HCN will remain flexible to adapt to changes occurring in the market and healthcare reform.

For more information about Mission Health Care Network, call toll-free 855-647-0290 or 423-495-8949.

Mission Health Care Network | 2525 de Sales Avenue | Chattanooga, TN 37404 | MissionHealth@memorial.org
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