Mission Health Care Network is a clinically integrated network designed by local physicians to help employers proactively manage health care costs. We are excited about partnering with employers to help improve your employees’ health. 

Mission Health Care Network and CHI Memorial recognizes that maintaining a healthy workforce and controlling rising healthcare costs are challenges faced by all employers in today’s business world. Over the past several years, we have been dedicated to working with employers to address these healthcare matters with the business community, as a unified team.

CHI Memorial Workplace Health utilizes tools specifically to help employers identify health risks present in their workforce and understand their associated financial impact. This allows us to then work together proactively toward controlling healthcare costs, improving productivity, and reducing absenteeism.

For more information about how CHI Memorial Workplace Health can help you create a healthier workforce and a healthier bottom line, visit memorial.org/work or call (423) 495-7859. 

Mission Health Care Network | 2525 de Sales Avenue | Chattanooga, TN 37404 | MissionHealth@memorial.org
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